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Hi, everyone! 

I am writing here today to express how glad I am and proud to my old self for blogging her little journey here in Blogspot. And now, I am reading them just like an another person. *Oo, weirdo*

Based on my entries. I changed in many aspects -- physically and emotionally. Most of it got improved while some remained the same.

Sadly, I am not as passionate as before in photography, though I'm still a fan. Gahd, I miss the good old days where I enjoyed looking at the sunset, trees, the road, everything.... like I'm going to photograph them, or so. Funny 'coz  I had an  imaginary camera on my mind lol x

I miss college too... I miss walking  with my friends in Diliman, my short hair cut, annoying friends, terror professors, year-end parties, summer outing, nerve-racking laboratory exams, case study-defenses, thesis, epal na panels, masikip na pants, OSD, mga mandurukot sa bayan, isaw, Havens, bestfriend, my solid block-mates, buko shake, malayong cafeteria, long-break time, CET Library, CET week, and a lot more.

*Sigh* My college life wasn't that bad after all haha!

PS: Excuse my gpoys. Pagbigyan haha


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