Photowalk with Lala

Photo walk with Miss Lalaine Salvador  :) 
This was my first photo walk ever.

hindi pala sa sunken garden toh XD


L A L A I N E  S A L V A D O R

Lalaine Salvador is an 18 year old photographer and a fashion blogger from Candelaria, Quezon PH.
She's soft spoken and well- mannered lady. She's really nice and unique.hmmm actually , better than my expectations. :)) 
(Check her blog out, no disappointments ) 


She's prettier in person, for real! haha
p.s sorry newbie here :) di ko talaga gamay ang portraits at ganun din ang post-processing nito. kaya pagpasensyahan XD haha
Portraits are my weakness! T.T Sorry for the very unpro shit works. I'll try my best next time :)) 
Akala ko photo walk lang as in. haha
'di man lang ako nakapagplano XD kung anung style , tips for good portraits at anung concept para mas okay sana 'yung kakalabasan.
eff shit. -_- sayang.

pero okay na din, Lesson learned. 

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2 Responses to “Photowalk with Lala ”

  1. nice. ang ganda ng sunken garden and yung first photo ko :)

    thanks for all the good words pam!



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